Always was, always will be

One Million Views: FAN EDITION (2016)

One Million Views, by artist Tiyan Baker, examines the emotional transaction between YouTubers and their fans by exploring themes of yearning and intimacy in the age of YouTube.

What is driving the emotional transaction between YouTubers and their fans? Is it the evocation of an imagined version of ourselves? Or the idea of an unsullied connection, a perfect audience who will see us exactly as we want to be seen?

By taking portraits of the YouTuber and their fan in their daily lives, One Million Views attempts to lay bare their relationship in its physical, tangible form, to explore what it means to be present, yet also absent.

One Million Views (2016) is exhibited online at Closed on Monday gallery. The project also exhibited at Success Gallery in Fremantle, from November to December 2016. A first iteration of this work was initially developed in collaboration with video artist Xanthe Dobbie and exhibited under the same name as part of Next Wave Festival 2016.