Always was, always will be


Anyone can be a star—all you need is an internet connection

Launching themselves into the ultimate battle between IRL and URL, video artists Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker reach behind Australian webcams to capture six of the nation's biggest YouTube stars in a series of intimate moving portraits.

Channeling the cultural impact and banal spectacle of YouTube, the diptych portraits reflect the binary undercurrent of One Million Views: the duality of on and offline existence in contemporary society. As Baker focuses on the private lives of the YouTubers, creating works that are subtle, human and emotive, Dobbie digitally mashes up each YouTuber's online persona to create vivid, over-stimulating portraits that appear perpetually stuck in the internet.

5–22 MAY North Melbourne shopfronts as part of Next Wave Festival 2016

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This project has been supported by City of Melbourne and Creative Victoria.