Tiyan Baker is an early career Malaysian Bidayuh/Anglo Australian artist who practices across video, sound and installation. Baker's practice engages with sites where contemporary crises around neoliberalism, neo-colonialism, environmental degradation and psycho-spiritual alienation are staged. Her work draws on field research and documentary techniques to explore the emotional experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political contexts. Baker graduated with an Award of Distinction in Fine Arts/Arts from UNSW (2012). She is a recipient of the 2019 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship, was a finalist in the 65th Blake Prize (2018) and the winner of the Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award (2014). Originally from Darwin, NT, Baker currently lives and works on the Gadigal lands known as Sydney.

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 | Hard As You Can, Prototype, curated by Lauren Carroll Harris, online
2019 | One Million Views, Closed on Monday Gallery, curated by Lillium Borrow, online
2018 | Bliss Me, Constance ARI, curated by Rebecca Holmes, Hobart, TAS
2016 | One Million Views, Success, curated by Jack Wansbrough, Fremantle, WA

Selected Group Exhibitions and Festivals:

2020 | Work in development, Epoch Wars, Arts House, curated by Pony Express as part of AsiaTOPA, Melbourne, VIC (upcoming)
2019 | Bamboo Paradise, Preppers, Fremantle Arts Centre, curated by Guy Louden, Fremantle, WA (upcoming)
2019 | The Witness: Portrait of r/WatchPeopleDie, The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship, UNSW Galleries, curated by Isabella Cornell, Sydney, NSW
2019 | Bamboo Paradise, Biting Morsel, Verge Gallery, curated by Tulleah Pearce, Sydney, NSW
2018 | The 65th Blake Prize, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula, NSW
2017 | Apocalypse Anonymous, The Big Anxiety Festival 2017, curated by Rebecca Dean, Parramatta, NSW
2017 | The Witness, Adhocracy 2017, curated by Emma Webb, Port Adelaide, SA
2017 | The Witness: Portrait of r/WatchPeopleDie, Almost Doco, RealTime Video Gallery, curated by Lauren Carroll Harris, online
2016 | One Million Views, Next Wave Festival 2016, curated by Georgia Meagher, Melbourne, VIC
2016 | One Million Views, PICA Open Studios, curated by Andrew Varano, Perth, WA
2014 | Recreating Memories, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, ACT
2014 | Ba-Da-Bing, Red Gate Studios, Beijing, China
2014 | Feijiacun, Red Gate Studios, Beijing, China

Selected Residencies and Activities:

2020 | Three month self-directed research residency to Malaysian Borneo, supported by the Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship
2019 | Artist in Residence, Chronus Art Centre, on invitation from Pony Express, Shanghai, China
2017 | Vision Switcher, The Second Woman, Liveworks 2017, NSW
2017 | Artist in Residence, Frontyard Projects, NSW
2017 | Participating Artist, The Big Anxiety Festival, NSW
2017 | Participating Artist, Adhocracy 2017, Port Adelaide, SA
2017 | Out of the Studio development program, Dirty Feet, NSW
2016 | Artist In Residence, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, WA
2016 | Participating Artist, Next Wave Festival 2016, Melbourne, VIC
2015 | Underbelly Arts Mentor Speed Dating, Sydney, NSW
2014 | Artist In Residence, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China


2019 | Fremantle Arts Centre (upcoming)
2019 | The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship
2019 | Prototype Newsletter
2018 | Constance Ari Open Space
2018 | The 65th Blake Prize, Finalist
2017 | The Big Anxiety Festival
2017 | RealTime Arts Magazine
2016 | City Of Melbourne Annual Arts Program
2016 | VicArts Grants Program
2014 | Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award, Winner


2012 | Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Time-Based Arts and Chinese Studies, College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence
2010 | Digital Media Studies, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China (exchange program)
2009 | Porosity Studio, Donghua University, Shanghai, China (exchange program)


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