BLISS ME (2018)

Commissioned by Constance ARI, Bliss Me is an audiovisual immersive space installed in a shipping container. The work premiered at Hobart waterfront in October 2018. Read more about Bliss Me here

Arising from the success story of Tasmania as a premium art tourism destination, Bliss Me collects diverse perspectives and stories from tourists, as well as the artists and arts workers who feature in their travel experiences, to explore how luxury, art and tourism intertwine in the Hobart landscape.

In late 2017, Australia Council for the Arts released the results of a three decade long study into the career trends of Australian artists. The findings revealed that most Australian artists live with significant financial hardship; the average income for artists is 21% below the Australian workforce average and 67% of artists reporting reliance on a spousal partner’s income to support their creative work. Considering these figures and the current climate of declining political and fiscal support for the arts in Australia, how has Tasmania built its reputation as a premium destination for high-end art consumers? Who are these premium audiences? Why do they engage with art? How is this industry impacting or not impacting local artists and communities? In Bliss Me, Sydney-based artist Tiyan Baker creates an immersive space to reflect on these premium audiences, the people and institutions that support their tourist experiences, and the ways that art and luxury intertwine in the Hobart landscape.