Apocalypse Anonymous (2017)

How are we, as individuals and communities, psychologically processing strange weather patterns, environmental degradation and species loss associated with climate change? Through interviews with experts, conversations with communities, and participation in online forums, Tiyan Baker and Loren Kronemyer have gathered some of the diverse responses to climate anxiety that pervade our collective consciousness.

Installed in Parramatta Park as part of the Big Anxiety Festival 2017, Apocalypse Anonymous features three retrofitted shipping containers offer portals into these different preparedness strategies, each containing an multi-sensory installation featuring first-hand documents from communities of people who are getting ready for the end.

At once confronting and comforting, Apocalypse Anonymous offers an opportunity to consciously face the climate-altered future of our species together.

Apocalypse Anonymous was commissioned by the Big Anxiety Festival and exhibited at Parramatta Park in October 2017. Read more about this work here